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COMING SEPTEMBER 2003 .:: DONet's NT Hosting will receive a boost this month as the newest version of IIS 6.0 and the .Net Framework is rolled out. Several customers have recently Beta Tested the product and they've shared their positive comments with us.  MORE...


Overwhelmed With Junk E-Mail ?

SO ARE MANY OF OUR CUSTOMERS.  A recent test showed us that, in some cases, over 80% of some customers' e-mail is unwanted, unsolicited commercial e-mail, aka "spam".  DONet's SpamAssassin uses Bayesian filter technology to "learn" with experience, making it up to 99% effective at blocking spam.   MORE...


Business-Class High Speed Access

Over 1100 businesses in the Miami Valley depend on DONet for their high-speed Internet access.  Find out more about our business Internet access services.   MORE...


Put Your Server in Our Data Center

For as little as $125/mo, you can co-locate your server in our operations center.  Take full control of your server while riding on DONet's bandwidth from three carriers!   MORE...

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